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About Labelle
Let me explain to everyone first, what does La'Belle mean? The interpretation of La'Belle in French means The Beautiful. Dedicated to the pursuit of beauty is the core driving force for our progress. Tagline-Dress To Impress-We also insist that if clothing is just a coat wrapped around the body, then fashion + clothing is equivalent to the second skin that enhances the charm of women. Everyone has different perceptions of fashion. Of course, it is not necessary to boast about leading the trend. For us, fashion is an ordinary attitude to life. The correct way of dressing is not necessary to imitate the pursuit of the wind and wear your own style. That is the kingly way. Remember that there is only one Quan Zhilong, even if you wear the same clothes, you are still you. La'Belle was established in 2016 with 10 copies. The team headed by Emcee E-Ming and YY anchors has sold more than 100,000 pieces of clothing. Customer-oriented, adhering to the principle of "three excellent" as the company's outline "excellent service, high-quality products, preferential prices". The future goal is hoped to be achieved, in addition to clothing, a woman kingdom that gathers handbags, cosmetics, shoes, and beauty products. Please wait and see!
Our Team
Ever since I was a child, I have liked watching One Piece comics, moved by the joys and sorrows in the plot, and appreciate the loyalty of sacrificing oneself for the sake of a partner, but returning to the real world, does this kind of partner really exist? Even if I was teased, I still believe it, yes. Take some time to search, find the training, and make them believe that you have the ability to lead everyone to a better future, a height that everyone hopes to reach. As for what is the role of the team? Does it help things go better and faster? Or is it to highlight the size of the company? In fact, the team is like a ship. Everyone performs their duties and fills up each other. If the direction is wrong, they will discuss the plan together. When the sea water seeps in, they help to scoop the water. The current society is no longer the boss of the boss, everyone must have the ability to sail unimpeded. Where's the partner? It should be a group of people who are brave to dream and speak wild words, saying that the next president will be his lunatic. When the madman's unparalleled freedom is realised, the triumphant laughter is the most powerful counterattack to stop those tramples that have been trampled, laugh at the face and face. Let me speak up! ! The Dream is moving fast! ! Please fasten your seat belts!

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